Yoga Hatha Flow

Nicole has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years and practicing for more than 20.  Originally from Australia but brought up in South East Asia, she has had a  life-long fascination with Eastern philosophy and spirituality. As well as two separate 200 hour Yoga teacher trainings, she has also done two diplomas in Buddhist Philosophy and Thought with the Jamyang Centre in London.

Originally a specialist in pregnancy and postnatal yoga, Nicole then expanded her remit to teach a wide variety of Hatha and Dynamic Flow yoga classes. Her most recent 200 hour teacher training was completed with the Life Centre in London, where she passed with a distinction.

Her yoga style is dynamic, playful and entirely unparsimonious. Each class is deliberately multi-layered and includes varied asana sequencing, attention to both alignment and breath, and is underpinned by yogic and Buddhist philosophy that has been interpreted for modern life.


The Art and Science of Defence — 17th, 18th & 19th Century English Martial Arts.

The Linacre School of Defence was founded in Oxford in 1999 and offers an integrated martial arts system, soundly based upon historical Western combat manuals.

Sir William Hope (1660-1724) wrote a number of books on fencing, which we have transcribed. His work is notable for a gradual realisation that the French Small-Sword system he originally trained in was lacking, and that the true Art of Defence lay in the English back-sword method. Although often rather verbose, his books clearly explain his reasoning and the principles and methods of his system.

Our instructors are certified by the British Federation for Historical Swordplay and insured by the British Combat Association.

Yoga Focus

I am Nikki Jackson and I believe in the Ayurvedic principle that we have inherent natural resources within ourselves to help bring us back to a natural state of health, wellbeing and happiness. Nature is our guide, we know that after night there is day, after rain there is sun and after winter there is Spring.  We need to trust the natural process of life, learn to accept the difficult times so we can grow and flourish on our life’s journey.

I originally qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1998 and founded Yoga Focus shortly after. I have continued to train extensively in Britain and India, which includes traditional disciplines such as Tibetan Healing Yoga, the Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Hatha Tantric Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Viniyoga.

In 1991 I began working as an Occupational Therapist in physical and mental health, successfully using yoga therapy as a valuable therapeutic intervention for rehabilitation programmes both within the NHS and private sector. The results from Yoga therapy soon received much respect from NHS team members such as of consultant psychiatrists, nurses, OT’s, Physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and many more.  I have worked in secure services of forensic psychiatry (Head OT for Discharge unit) , acute mental health, neurology, paediatrics, asylum seekers centre and social services. For several years,  I have worked as a Yoga Therapy consultant for an Occupational Health Department within the NHS supporting staff with health conditions due to burnout and trauma.

I spent my early adult life working and living in mountains in New Zealand, France and Scotland as a ski teacher and guide for blind and disabled people. I enjoy exploring my creative side in the form of music and dance.  I am a mum of three, now adult children and am dedicated to living a simple yet meaningful life.

Jado Kuin Do – Martial Art

Jado Kuin Do is a unique, progressive martial art, based on scientific principles and developed to promote life skills, optimum health and self-defence for the whole family.

Jado Kuin Do’s natural, easy-to-learn, sequential movements optimise the body’s force producing ability along with encouraging the enhancement of the body’s fine and gross motor skills. This results in improved co-ordination, balance and efficient energy use, but more importantly increases health, mentally as well as physically. It is a unique programme of self discovery, confidence building, goal setting and achievement.

Jado Kuin Do is much more than just punching, kicking and physical exercise. It gives people additional skills such as awareness, self discipline, confidence, mental guidance and philosophical values. It is a seemingly simple yet complex, practical martial art which improves strength, speed and power coupled with sensitivity, accuracy and grace. All of these elements collectively will assist you in your never ending circle of learning, self discovery and internal calm. Jado Kuin Do includes the physical practice of specific movements and mental thought processes which have been devised into a complete mental, physical and spiritual system of self defence.

Yoga Focus

With Nikki Jackson.

Yoga practise helps us to improve awareness of our body, of our breathing and of our state of mind.