Sewage Works – Bicester Road

A break in the pressurised foul water sewer on Bicester Road, at the entrance to Heythrop Park, was identified a number of weeks ago and repair works began.

The road had to be closed for safety reasons and a signed diversion route implemented.

It was hoped to complete this repair quite quickly but it has proven to be more complex. The delivery of an essential component on Wednesday 21 October will speed up the process and it is forecast that the works should be finished by the end of October or sooner.

To manage the flows during this time, tanker vehicles have had to be used 24 hours a day to prevent any flooding to properties, restricted facilities, pollution to the environment and to carry out the work safely. The vehicles use warning beacons due to health and safety and can be noisy whilst they are pumping the waste water into their vehicles.

Thames Water are committed to finishing the works as soon as possible and would like to thank the villagers for their patience during these operations, which can be amplified during the night.