Scams Prevention & Support Programme for Older People Launched

Age UK Oxfordshire has launched a new scams prevention and support programme for older people in the Oxfordshire area:

  • group talks to raise awareness of scams
  • 1 to 1 sessions for those who have been affected by scams

In England and Wales an older person becomes a victim of fraud every 40 seconds, which is over 800,000 older people every year.

The programme, funded by Lloyds Banking Group, will help to prevent older people from falling for scams by increasing their knowledge and confidence to recognise and deal with attempted scams. It will also provide support to older fraud victims recovering after an incident.

To find out more about Age UK Oxfordshire’s Scams Prevention and Support Programme, please contact: 0345 450 1276.

Click here for booklet – ageukig01_staying_safe.inf