Police Alert – Suspicious Activity

Thames Valley Police Alert

From PCSO Moulding,

We have recently been made aware from concerned residents and other social media postings, that a number of properties in the Wychwoods area have seemingly been marked.

The properties have been marked with differing coloured elastic bands, either around the gatepost or wheelie bins.
It is believed the properties have been marked due to there being pedigree dogs at the locations.

Clearly this is of concern to all dog owners, and we ask that that you all remain vigilant and where possible to report this either online via the TVP website or on the 101 number.

General advice is to change your routine, go out walking at differing times, where appropriate make sure your dog is on a short lead.
We would further advise that if your dog stays in the house, then move its location to a harder to reach area and less visible to the outside.

Lastly, do not post anything on social media with respect to your dog, or any potential litters.

Thank you

Darryn Moulding (Police, PCSO, West Oxfordshire LPA)