Police Alert – Suspicious Activity

Thames Valley Police Alert

From PCSO Moulding,

We have recently been made aware from concerned residents and other social media postings, that a number of properties in the Wychwoods area have seemingly been marked.

The properties have been marked with differing coloured elastic bands, either around the gatepost or wheelie bins.
It is believed the properties have been marked due to there being pedigree dogs at the locations.

Clearly this is of concern to all dog owners, and we ask that that you all remain vigilant and where possible to report this either online via the TVP website or on the 101 number.

General advice is to change your routine, go out walking at differing times, where appropriate make sure your dog is on a short lead.
We would further advise that if your dog stays in the house, then move its location to a harder to reach area and less visible to the outside.

Lastly, do not post anything on social media with respect to your dog, or any potential litters.

Thank you

Darryn Moulding (Police, PCSO, West Oxfordshire LPA)

Charlbury Medical Centre AZ Covid Clinics

Charlbury Medical Centre AZ Covid clinics, TUESDAY 9th and FRIDAY 12th February

If you are in the eligible category,  over 70 or extremely clinically vulnerable, you should have had a call to invite you to the two clinics arranged for this week.

If you haven’t yet heard from the CMC, (or booked a vaccination on line), as advised for the Secretary of State for Health, please contact the Practice and they will ensure you are included 

Please also note that some parking spaces will be reserved for patients attending the sports centre for their vaccinations and allow them to have priority for a couple of hours in the morning of these two dates. Thank you for your understanding.

Enstone Firs Briefing Note – 26 Jan 21

Ash Dieback Disease and Enstone Firs West on the Ditchley Estate

Following the felling of trees that was necessary due to Ash Dieback Disease, replanting is now being completed in a similar style to that last adopted on this site in the 1950’s, with a predominantly native broadleaved planting together with a coniferous nurse. A total of approximately 4600 trees are to be planted, comprising Beech, Lime, Wild Service Tree, Hazel, Thorn, Wild Privet and Wayfaring Tree.

Pedestrian access gates are being installed at either end of the permitted footpath route. However, after felling and mulching of stumps and debris, the site is understandably quite ‘raw’. The intention is that the gates are locked as an interim measure until the site has had time to mellow, and nature has had time to naturally colonise the areas between the young trees with vegetation. Once this has occurred, it will be possible for the gates to be unlocked and walkers then to access along the designated route, as had occurred prior to the onset of Ash Dieback Disease and the unfortunate need to fell and replant.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Tim Shardlow Bsc(Hons) MICFor M Arbor A

Forestry Consultant to the Ditchley Estate

Nicholsons – 07909 530482



Your priorities for West Oxfordshire’s budget

West Oxfordshire District Council is asking for views as to how it should prioritise its budget spend for next year.

The West Oxfordshire District is currently preparing its annual budget for 2021-22 and is consulting on a number of different proposals.

The budget will cover areas including housing, leisure and recreation, environmental health, waste collection, planning applications and local taxation collections etc.

The West Oxfordshire District Council survey can be completed online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZC2SLNH. The deadline for responses is 31st January.

The Council Survey Information will only be used for the specific purposes of the Budget survey, further privacy information can be found on West Oxfordshire District Council website


Charlbury Medical Centre Patient Group News – Jan 2021

From: Sue Smith, Charlbury Medical Centre Patient Group.

First, I want to start by emphasising that the delivery of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine has not yet been confirmed for next week.  Please continue to check the medical centre website, and Charlbury.info for news.  The medical centre has a great track record for vaccinating people speedily and efficiently.  Please help them by responding to their telephone calls and collecting your vaccination letter if there isn’t time to post it out.

Secondly, there has been a short discussion on the Charlbury town website about oximeters.  These devices measure heart rate and oxygen levels present in the blood. A drop in oxygen levels can be a key indicator into the severity of a Covid-19 infection. A person may not be aware of this, but the use of the oximeter will monitor oxygen levels and alert people to when they should act urgently. The article on BBC News gives more information: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55733527

Lastly, we attach our winter newsletter.

Charlbury Patient Group News January 2021

This time we write about:

  • The Rural West Primary Care Network: what is it?
  • New staff in the Rural West PCN
  • The work of the Falls Prevention Service, when to dial 999 following a fall
  • The NHS App: your own GP medical records one click away: how to access it and the information it provides
  • Booking an appointment at the medical practice. When is my GP on duty?

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think might be interested in it.  Please also share the information about the Falls Service with friends, neighbours and family who might benefit from the important service they provide.

COVID vaccinations this week at Carterton

This is just a reminder that it is essential that you have filled in your forms before you go for your vaccination, but only people who have been called by the Practice and given an appointment should go up to the tent outside to collect your letters tomorrow and later in the week for the Friday session. If it is impossible for you or a friend/ relative to collect your letter, we can deliver them

Please do not telephone the Practice, they will definitely telephone you if you are eligible to be offered an appointment, and please do not come to ask for a letter unless you have been called. We are awaiting information about the Oxford vaccine, no news yet.

If it is possible that you have missed your call, please check your answerphone regularly.

Covid 19 Vaccine News from Charlbury Medical Centre

For the latest news click here: https://www.thecharlburymedicalcentre.nhs.uk/news.aspx?p=K84610

We started to telephone eligible patients on Monday 11th January to book for vaccination on Saturday 16th January at Carterton Health Centre. It will be Charlbury staff running the clinic so same faces different location.

Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your allotted time as you have to sit and wait for 15 minutes after vaccination before we can let you go (space is limited & trying to achieve social distancing).

ATIC (All Together in Charlbury) the details of which may be found on the local Charlbury website may be able to help with transport to Carterton if required Tel 01993 776 277

We ask you to come to Charlbury Surgery or ask someone to do this on your behalf to pick up the necessary paperwork & fill in the form at home. It would be helpful for us if you can arrive between 10am and 11am as a representative from our patient group will be there to help you at that time.

CARERS: Please contact CMC@nhs.net to let us know you are a carer. You are amazing, thank you for caring & all your hard work! Please don’t phone the surgery to tell us you are a carer as it’s clogging up our phone lines, an e-mail is perfect…Thanks!

We are struggling to phone patients to book them in for their vaccine appointments as we are being flooded with incoming calls!

So far according to the number of vaccines we have been allocated and the number of patients in each age group that we have, it looks like:

  • Saturday January 16th will be all over 85’s.
  • Tuesday January 19th will be the remaining over 85’s and mostly over 80’s.
  • Friday January 22nd we will be starting the large 75 to 80 group.

Just as soon as we have the AZ vaccine we will be vaccinating the vulnerable house bound in age descending order.

Keep checking here regularly for updates & in case anything changes (for example the vaccine delivery does not turn up).

Keep looking after yourselves & each other, we will get through this.

Winter support rolled out for struggling families and individuals in Oxfordshire

Families and individuals struggling with finances or needing help because of COVID-19 this winter can now access support provided by Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, district councils and voluntary and community organisations.

Oxfordshire councils have received £1.37 million from the government’s new COVID-19 Winter Grant Schemeto run local support schemes for those in greatest need.

They are working closely together to identify residents requiring urgent assistance within the rules of the scheme and the most effective ways of delivering support. This includes working with local Citizens Advice services to continue and expand support already put in place during the autumn.

Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said: “This Christmas will be different and difficult for every one of us, but I am determined that no resident will go without essentials. Families who are struggling because of the impact of COVID-19 will receive essential support to get them through the winter.

“Our schemes are aimed at supporting families with children, with most of the money to be spent on this group. Other households struggling directly or indirectly due to the impact of COVID-19 will also be assisted with the costs of food and other essential items.

“We know that ‘holiday hunger’ remains a serious concern for many families and we are determined to do everything we can to alleviate those worries.”

Support will also available through food banks and other community food services.

The first element of the scheme has been dispatched over the last week. More than £400,000 worth of support for food and other essential supplies was distributed to the families of children and young people entitled to free school meals, and younger children with qualifying eligibility in early years settings.

Schools, colleges and early years settings have worked closely with the councils to distribute this support in advance of the Christmas holidays.

For anyone needing support this winter, Good Food Oxford’s food map provides practical information to help find and access information about services such as foodbanks, community kitchens and food surplus cafes. It covers the whole of Oxfordshire.

This easy to use map helps users search for services that are closest to them. Support is available to anyone who needs it, offering anything from a cooked meal, to food parcels that can be taken away for another time.

Fiona Steel, from Good Food Oxford, said: “Food insecurity is a real challenge this winter. Ensuring that every child in need has additional support over the Christmas holidays will make things just that little bit easier at a time when things are tough for so many.”

The city and each of the district councils also have information on their websites about additional local support services: