Litter Bin & Dog Poo Bin Renewal Programme

West Oxfordshire District Council  have now started to implement the programme and are now working at pace to make the improvements and have already replaced over 100 bins which have been well received.

The council has over 1,200 litter and dog bins in the district and the programme will review the condition and location of these with the aim of:

  • Easy access for people to put their litter in a bin.
  • Make West Oxfordshire even cleaner and tidier ensuring bins are in good condition, which will be ongoing over the next couple of years.

As part of this work they are looking to make sure they have the right bins in the right locations and will liaise with local councils regarding this if they need too.  This may mean where there is a litter bin next to a dog bin that the dog bin is removed as dog waste can now be put in litter bins once it’s bagged.  Also where there are two bins close to each other they may remove one or move it to another location where there is a problem with littering and there isn’t currently a bin. In addition, dual use bins will be replacing separate litter and dog bins where it is appropriate. The new design is pictured.

The work is being carried out methodically but it’s inevitable that some decisions will have to be reviewed.  If this happens WODC are committed to finding a solution as litter and dog bins are an important community asset.