Enstone Ensign

Enstone Ensign


Number 464 September 2023

Newsletter for Enstone Parishioners


Sunday 3 September 8am Enstone (BCP)
10am Spelsbury

Sunday 10 September 8am Chadlington (BCP)
10am Ascott

Sunday 17 September 8am Spelsbury (BCP)
10am Enstone

Sunday 24 September 8am Ascott (BCP)
10am Chadlington

Sunday 1 October 8am Enstone (BCP)
10am Spelsbury


There will be a full cut of the old churchyard around the end of August, after which the cuttings will be left for up to two weeks, then raked up and removed. This is to ensure that all seeds have dropped into the ground to give the best chance for everything to re-establish for next year. There will be a final cut for the season by the end of September.

All items for the October Ensign in by 30th September (or sooner, if you have it ready) please, to Hillside (blue door opposite the Harrow Inn) or ring 677231 for shorter items.  You can also email me at info@andreabates.co.uk


On: Sunday 8th October at 6pm

One hour of classic jazz songs, old and new.

At: St Kenelm’s Church, Church Enstone, OX7 4NN

As part of the Dean and Chadlington Summer Music Festival

Tickets: £20, to include a glass of wine

£5 to Under 21’s

Available online at: www.chadlingtonfestival.org.uk or at the door.


Telephone number to contact Enstone Parish Clerk

Tel-: 07776 534584

Planning Applications:-

Glyme Bank, Lidstone, 23/01874/HHD – Erection of two storey outbuilding and associated works – No objection

Taillards Barn, Gagingwell, 23/01906/FUL & 23/01907/LBC – Erection of extensions to link Taillards Barn with The Grove, together with associated works including provision of garaging with storage above.  Internal & external works to include erection of extensions to link Taillards Barn with The Grove, together with associated works including provision of garaging with storage above and changes to internal layout – No objection

Open Morning – come and meet the Parish Council and share your views ….. Saturday 16th September

Members of Enstone Parish Council will be in the Litchfield Room at the Parish Hall on Saturday 16th September from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm – please do come along to meet them and share your ideas.  There will be information displayed on the work that has been undertaken since the Parish Questionnaire in 2020.   A further Parish Questionnaire will be circulated after the Open Morning – topics such as recreation facilities, weed killing, mowing of verges, traffic calming and biodiversity within the parish will be part of this year’s questionnaire.   With the development of the 29 houses opposite the Harrow Inn, the WODC has negotiated circa £70K towards recreation facilities for Enstone Parish (S106 monies) – we need your thoughts on how these monies should be spent …..  Refreshments will be served throughout the morning.

Overgrown Vegetation from residents’ properties obstructing pavements

Please remember to cut back all overhanging vegetation from your property that obstructs public footpaths and bridleways etc.   The pavement along the A44 from The Paddocks to the centre of Enstone is particularly difficult to walk along due to overhanging vegetation.  Thank you.   

Traffic Calming/20s Plenty Campaign for Enstone Parish

Oxfordshire County Council will now meet on 7th September to discuss Enstone’s 20s Plenty Campaign and whether this scheme will be approved.  Enstone Parish Council has agreed to fund signage for 30 mph for the whole length of Coxs Lane and also 30 mph at the A44/Charlbury Road junction, up to the Coxs Lane junction.   Enstone PC is also campaigning for the A44 to become a 20 mph limit.   Enstone PC requests that residents keep to the current speed limits.

Heythrop Park/Warner Leisure

The new management at Heythrop Park will be putting information into the Ensign magazine and Parish website on a regular basis, with updates.   The overgrown footpaths around Heythrop Park are currently being pruned.

Dates of Next Meetings

  • Saturday 16th September – Open Morning at The Parish Hall 10.00 am to 12.00 pm
  • Thursday 21st September – Parish Council Meeting 7.00 pm
  • Thursday 26th October 

Parish Website …..

The parish website is for information from all organisations within the parish so please let me know if you wish to have any information put onto the website (enstoneparish.org).  The Parish Council thanks Mrs Rachel Hunt, webmaster honorarium, for all her dedicated and hard work relating to the management of the website.

Mrs Beth Sinclair, Enstone Parish Clerk, Briery Cottage, 9 Alexandra Square, Chipping Norton, OX7 5HL

Tel: 07776 534584 Email:- enstoneparishclerk@gmail.com   Website address for the Parish = enstoneparish.org; Facebook Page = Enstone Parish


Would you like to have a friendly place to meet, chat, talk or just sit and have a cup of tea? And perhaps you’d like a bit of space to repair things or have a go at making something new out of discarded materials. 

Enstone Eco, together with the Parish Council, are investigating the possibility of setting up a Community Shed. The Men’s Shed initiative has resulted in hundreds of informal groups around the country, where people enjoy a bit of time together as they repair, recycle and repurpose.

The idea is still in the early stages of development and we would like to find out how many people would be interested in using an Enstone Shed – or whatever name you think is appropriate. Have a look at the UK Men’s Sheds Association (UKMSA) website to find out more – they’re for everyone, not just ‘men’. Please contact Enstone Eco at enstoneeco@gmail.com to tell us if you support this idea and might use a shed in Enstone. It wouldn’t cost anything to be involved – even the tea will be free!

The next Enstone Eco meeting is 20 September, 7.00pm in St Kenelm’s Church. Everyone is welcome. We share ideas and information about how we can ‘make a difference’. Go to www.enstone-eco.co.uk for all sorts of eco-info and advice.



Enstone Relief in Need Charity is seeking a new trustee to join two other serving members in the running of this Parish Charity. All roles are unpaid. Currently meetings are held in the early evening on average every two months. However, with only a total of three members to suit this could be a point for discussion.  The charity is responsible for the management of four pieces of agricultural land. One of which includes the village allotment area. Set up to help people of the Parish in their time of need, its most important role is to accept and deal with applications for help. Confidentiality in the dealing of this item has of course to be paramount. As a Registered Charity all our work is regulated by the Charity Commission. Our income although not large is sufficient to seek qualified help and advice with regard to the preparation of any legal documents or processes. Basically, your role will involve some administration work, making decisions on the spending of the Charity’s income and taking decisions on applications, all of which fall under the guidance of Charity Commission rules. 

If this type of work is of interest to you or you would like more details, please telephone me on 01608 677156.

Thank you.

Susanne Hamilton


Last month Charlbury Bowls Club very kindly invited our members to join them on their greens for an evening of coaching followed by a fiercely competitive competition between members. Many thanks to all who made this evening so enjoyable. Also thank you to the Enstone Horticultural Society for allowing us to hold our cake sale at their show. 

On Thursday 14th September 7.30pm in The Parish Hall, Ian Cave will be presenting his talk ‘Humanity in Action’, his first-hand experience of life under Israeli military occupation in West Bank of Palestine. Visitors are very welcome to join us, there will be a charge of £5 to include refreshments and all proceeds will go to the Quaker EAPPI charity.

If you would like to find out more about our WI please contact Angela Taylor on 677728


Expert daily tuition 10:00am to 4:30pm with all painting materials provided. Price: £199.00 – Suitable for painters of all abilities, including beginners. Join him now for this 2-Day learn-to-paint experience in a comfortable and tranquil setting, where he will help you and demonstrate many invaluable watercolour tips and techniques. People say they’ve learned more from Dermot’s courses in a couple of days than from years attending other classes. Lunch is available at the village pub beside the venue. For further information or booking, Call 02887784166 – Email info@dermotcavanagh.com


Upcoming events September and beyond

The Summer Flower and Produce Show on 19 August was a great success. Congratulations to everyone who took part and to the winners of the prizes and trophies. Details are published in this issue of The Ensign. Very big thanks to our independent judges Graham White and Yvonne Jones. 

Edible Gardening Talk

Coming up on 12 September at 6.30pm in the Parish Hall a talk on edible gardening by Rachel from Edge Landscaping.
Rachel is sure to give us a fascinating talk on edible landscapes, touching on companion planting, polycultures, edible perennials and forest gardens. Refreshments available. All welcome!

Order Spring Bulbs at a discount now! 

Debbie Payne is again preparing to place an order for spring bulbs from Peter Nyssen & Co. The bulbs are of the highest quality and the prices very reasonable, PLUS Debbie is able to secure a discount with a bulk order. Go to https://www.peternyssen.com to see the huge range of bulbs available and if you are interested, please contact the secretary at enstonehorticulturalsociety@gmail.com before 6 September.

Quiz and supper night at The Crown, 6 November

 A return of this popular evening, teams of four. Please reserve a table directly with the Crown. 

Christmas Wreath making and Dry Stone Walling Classes

Thank you to all those who have already expressed an interest in the Christmas wreath making workshop – a repeat of a popular event organised last year. The likely date is 2 December, exact details yet to be finalised.  We are still able to accommodate a few more enthusiasts. The cost would be £25.00 a head, including a drink.  All materials will be supplied.

The Club is exploring the idea of a day’s class on dry stone walling in 2024. The likely cost would be £100 for the day. Thanks to those who have already expressed interest. It’s not too late to be included. We need an estimate of numbers so, if you are interested in either of these events, please contact the club secretary on 07771 594927 as soon as possible.


Class Vegetables 

1 Potatoes, white, of one variety: 1 Tyler Webb, 2 Philip Shaw, 3 Stephen Peach; 2 Potatoes, coloured, of one variety: 1 Julian Ferguson Davie, 2 Graham Candy, 3 Henry Shaw; 3 The Heaviest Potato: 1 Tyler Webb, 2 Philip Shaw;

4 Onions, globe: 1 Tyler Webb, 2 Richard West, 3 Holly McGee; 

5 Onions, any variety, to pass thro 3” ring: 1 Richard West; 

8 Garlic, bulbs, (with stalk min 2”): 1 Philip Shaw; 9 Leeks: 1 Tyler Webb; 

10 The largest onion: 1 Richard West, 2 Tyler Webb; 

11 Collection, 4 edible legumes: 1 Philip Shaw; 

12 The longest Bean: 1 Richard West, 2 Tyler Webb, 3 Philip Shaw; 

13 Runner Beans: 1 Richard West, 2 Andrea Bates, 3 Rory Roper Caldbeck;

14 Dwarf French Beans: 1 Philip Shaw, 2 Louise Ferguson Davie, 3 Graham Candy; 15 Beans, climbing, other than Runner: 1 Andrew Hornung, 2 Dennis West, 3 Richard West; 17 Brassicas, any variety: 1Maureen Parker;

18 Carrots, any variety: 1 Dennis West, 2 Laura McCarthy, 3 Richard West;

19 Beetroot: 1 Dennis West, 2 Richard West, 3 Tyler Webb; 

21 Courgettes: 1 Laura McCarthy; 22 Vegetable marrows, fit for table: 1 Philip Shaw, 2 Laura McCarthy; 23 Squash, fit for table: 1 Maureen Parker; 

24 Pumpkin: 1 Richard West, 2 Tyler Webb, 3 Philip Shaw; 

25 The largest marrow: 1 Richard West, 2 Tyler Webb; 

26 Sweet Peppers (Capsicums): 1 Tyler Webb, 2 Maureen Parker;

27 Chilli peppers, one variety: 1 Laura McCarthy, 2 Henry Shaw

28 Cucumbers (any one variety): 1 Richard West, 2 Susan Parris, 3 Tyler Webb; 29 Tomatoes, any variety, (not as 30): 1 Tyler Webb, 2 Dennis West, 3 Philip Shaw; 30 Tomatoes, small fruited: 1 Philip Shaw, 2 Maureen Parker, 3 Dennis West; 33 Four bunches of culinary herbs, in one pot of water: 1 Holly McGee, 2 Andrea Bates; 34 The funniest vegetable: 1 Dennis West, 2 Richard West, 3 Andrea Bates; 

35 Best exhibit of one vegetable not appearing elsewhere: 1 Graham Candy, 2 Philip Shaw, 3Maureen Parker;

36 Collection of five vegetables (prepared for exhibition) (2 of each): 

1 Philip Shaw, 2 Richard West, 3 Graham Candy.

Class Fruit 

37 Dish of soft fruit, edible, one variety, with stalks: 1 Louise Ferguson Davie, 2 Maureen Parker, 3 Holly McGee; 

38 Dish of stone fruit (Plums. Apricots etc): 1 Philip Shaw, 2 Andrew Hornung, 3 Laura McCarthy; 39 Dish of tree fruit, (Apples, Pears etc.): 1 Charles Powell, 2 Catherine Powell, 3 Andrew Hornung.

Class Flowers and Potted Plants

41 A foliage collection: 1 Andrew Hornung, 2 Barbara Shaw;

42 An informal collection of flowers: 1 Barbara Shaw, 2 Catherine Hartz, 3 Maureen Parker; 43 Floating flower heads in a bowl: 1 Catherine Powell, 2 Barbara Shaw; 44 Miniature collection, arranged for effect:  1 Barbara Shaw, 2 Maureen Parker, 3 Catherine Hartz; 

45 An arrangement in an unusual container: 1 Juliet Roper Caldbeck, 2 Barbara Shaw, 3 Sally Coles; 46 A planted container, for outdoors: 1 Philip Shaw, 2 Sally Coles; 47 Pot plant, flowering: 1 Angela Taylor, 2 Catherine Powell, 3 Julia Boardman; 48 Pot plant, foliage: 1 Sally Coles, 2 Stella Waterer;

49 A potted fern: 1 Rory Roper Caldbeck, 2 Sally Coles; 

51 A flowering stem from a shrub: 1 Andrew Hornung, 2 Catherine Hartz;

52 Bunch of home-grown flowers: 1 Julia Boardman, 2 Barbara Shaw, 3 Dawn Briggs; 53 Bunch of mixed grasses, at least 4 different varieties: 1 Andrea Bates, 2 Sally Coles; 54 Antirrhinums: 1 Catherine Powell;

55 Asters, any variety: 1 Richard West, 2 Dennis West, 3 Andrew Hornung;

58 Clematis: 1 Juliet Roper Caldbeck, 2 Barbara Shaw; 

59 Clematis, specimen: 1 Juliet Roper Caldbeck; 60 Crocosmia: 1 Andrew Hornung; 61 Dahlias, double flowered: 1 Richard West, 2 Dennis West, 3 Tyler Webb; 62 Dahlias, Ball/ pompom type: Richard West, 2 Dennis West, 3 Tyler Webb; 63 Dahlias, single/collarette: 1 Richard West, 2 Henry Shaw, 3 Andrea Bates; 64 Gladiolus: 1 Tyler Webb, 2 Faith Hynes, 3 Dennis West;

66 Roses: 1 John Pritchard, 2 Barbara Shaw, 3 Andrew Hornung;

67 Rose, Large flowered Hybrid Tea type: 1 Barbara Shaw, 2 Hollie McGee,

3 Louise Ferguson Davie; 68 Rose, floribunda type: 1 Andrew Hornung, 

2 Barbara Shaw, 3 Louise Ferguson Davie; 69 Rose, miniature: 1 Andrew

Hornung, 2 Barbara Shaw, 3 Susan Parris; 70 Sweet peas: 1 Philip Shaw, 

2 Rory Roper Caldbeck, 3 Rosy Nixon;

71 Five single blooms of a flower not appearing elsewhere in the schedule: 

2 Juliet Roper Caldbeck, 2 Holly McGee, 3 John Vincent;

72 Five stems of a flower not appearing elsewhere in the schedule:

1 Philip Shaw, 2 Andrea Bates, 3 Juliet Roper Caldbeck.

Preserves etc. 73 Preserves – Jam, Jelly, Curd, etc.: 1 Kathleen Burgess, 2 Ian Cave, 3 Holly McGee; 74 Marmalade: 1 Kathleen Burgess, 2 Stephen Peach, 3 Maureen Parker; 75 Preserves – Chutney, Relish, Pickles, etc.: 1 Kathleen Burgess; 79 Eggs: 1 Catherine Hartz, 2 Faith Hynes, 3 Rory Roper Caldbeck.

Childrens Classes 80 A dinosaur made of vegetable(s): 1 Ronnie King;

81 A small bunch of flowers: 1 Ronnie King.

(Details of the Trophies Awarded will feature in October’s Ensign)  




New members welcome

Premier League Live on Sky, plus other sports too.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 01608 677823

Henry Hawtin Cup – Adderbury beat Enstone 4-3, thanks to all the teams that took part and the people that organise it every year and to Ros Blake for all the hard work she does, along with the helpers, and the hard work of our groundsman John Hawtin. 

Look out for details of a Halloween party in October!

Ros would like to thank everyone that helps out at the club.

The club is open to everyone. 

Committee Meetings:- September 11th 7pm, October 9th 7pm

Memberships: Adults £10, under 18’s and Over 65’s £5



September 12 Edible Garden talk 6.30pm Parish Hall  

14 W.I. meeting 7.30pm Parish Hall

16 Parish Council Open meeting 10.00am to 12.00pm PH 

20 Enstone Eco meeting 7pm-8.30pm St Kenelm’s

21 Parish Council meeting 7.00pm Parish Hall

30 Final date for copy

October8St Kenelm’s Concert 6pm

Current & previous Ensigns as pdf.