2022 20sPlentyCampaign Agenda

EPC Agendas Uploaded on March 14, 2022

ENSTONE PARISH COUNCIL – see pdf version here: 2022 20sPlentyCampaign Agenda

20s Plenty Campaign for Enstone Parish

Wednesday 16th March 7.00 pm – Enstone School Hall


  1. Welcome by Chair of Enstone Parish Council
  1. What actions have taken place so far to reduce speeding:-
  1. Parish Questionnaire undertaken November 2020 and majority of response was action for traffic calming.
  2. Installation of two Speed Indicator Devices at Gagingwell -(Renault Motorsport sponsored one of these devices).
  3. Improved signage along the A44 and adjoining roads.
  4. Improved speed indicator devices at both ends of the A44
  5. Speed watch campaigns undertaken before Covid
  6. Chicane at Church Enstone installed several years ago.
  1. Explanation by County Councillor Geoff Saul regarding the 20s Plenty Campaign and requirement for community involvement.
  1. Cllr. David Robottom to explain and analyse the previous data that was collected regarding speeding along the A44 several years ago.
  1. Cllr. Carole Glendinning to give update on speed watch campaign and need for more residents to help.
  1. Invitation for residents to express their views on what they would like to see happen.
  1. Action Plan and next steps to include:-
  1. Pupils at Enstone School to help with posters
  2. Evidence from Parish Survey to Oxon County Council
  3. Evidence from PCSO regarding speeding in Enstone and further engagement with the PCSOs.
  4. Letters to businesses
  5. Evidence of community engagement in order to secure funding