2021 October Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on November 8, 2021


E N S T O N E  P A R I S H  C O U N C I L

Held in the Litchfield Room at Enstone Parish Hall on Thursday 28th October 2021 at 7.15 pm.

PRESENT: Parish Councillors N. Knott (Chair), T. Gilbert, P. Shaw, C. Glendinning, A. Ward, R. Parker, P. Johnson, T. McMillan, D. Robottom and District Cllr. Alex Wilson

APOLOGIES: Cllr. A. Lee & CC Geoff Saul

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair – Parish Clerk

  1. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & MEMBERS’ REGISTER OF INTERESTS – There were no declarations of interest declared.
    • The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 30th September, having previously been circulated, were read, approved, and signed by Cllr. Knott.
    • Cleaning graffiti – ongoing. The clerk will chase up with the Highways Department when the graffiti will be cleared from the B4030 signpost. Cllr. McMillan has volunteered to clean up the graffiti from the bus shelter. Cllr. Ward was also thanked for his help with this

    • Repair of bench Cleveley Road – ongoing

    • Hedgehog signs – ongoing

    • Gigaclear ongoing

    • S106 monies for recreation – ongoing

    • Helping vulnerable and elderly – No response following article in Ensign magazine

    • Car accident A44/Bicester Road – The police had sent information regarding this which was circulated

    • Great Tew Quarry – Lorry movements are still ongoing and there was a recent car rally held on site. The clerk will contact CC Geoff Saul regarding this

    • Caravans, Green Lane – ongoing

    • White Lines – Litchfield Close has now been done. An update from CC Geoff Saul is awaited regarding the repainting of the white lines outside the village shop

    • Oxford-Cambridge Arc Consultation – The Parish Council was unable to submit a response to this consultation due to lack of time.

    • Signway invoice – An invoice addressed to Enstone Parish Council had still not been received.

    • Litter – bus shelter – Cllr. Parker was thanked for clearing up the litter from the bus shelter. An article will be placed in Ensign seeking volunteers to help with litter picking.

    • Defibrillator training – Due to lack of response, this training is on hold

    • Mullin Project – Awaiting an update from WODC.
    • Chevrons, Lidstone Road – One of the chevrons has been destroyed and Cllr. Knott has contacted Highways regarding repair.
    • Verges A44 – Vehicles are still parking along the verges on the A44. Cllr. Robottom will contact the builder to explain that the Parish Council will be planting bulbs along these verges and to ask that the vehicles park elsewhere. Cllr. Knott agreed to purchase bulbs for the area and was thanked for this.
    • Baby & Toddler Group – Cllr. Parker queried whether the Baby & Toddler group had started

      – the clerk will chase this up further.

    • Christmas Tree on The Green – Following the parish questionnaire, a resident had suggested that a Christmas Tree be placed on The Green. The Parish Council agreed with this idea and Cllr. Gilbert offered to purchase the tree and decorate it with battery-powered lights. A budget of £200.00 was approved. The clerk will check with Highways that this is permitted.
    • PCSOs Chipping Norton – Cllr. Gilbert reported that there are four PCSOs in Chipping Norton covering a wide area of West Oxfordshire. The four PCSOs have the use of one vehicle. It was agreed that the clerk will email Robert Courts MP regarding this unacceptable situation.
    • There were no updates
    • CC Saul had emailed the Chair just before the meeting regarding Great Tew Estate and the recent planning applications that were opposed by the Parish Council. Lorry movements between the sites are still ongoing and a rally also took place recently at the site. The enforcement team at Oxfordshire County Council are investigating this further.
    • DC Alex Wilson reported that OCC has approved the scheme for replacing the existing 30 mph signs to 20 mph signs. This will take place over the next three years and information will be circulated to Parish & Town Councils on how to apply for this work to be carried out. Information was circulated on how Parish Councils can engage with residents and businesses, encouraging drivers to drive at 20 mph. It was agreed that the Parish Council will contact Renault, Heythrop Park and businesses at the Industrial Estate to encourage their commitment. It was suggested that Enstone Primary School be approached requesting pupils draw posters showing 20 mph for display around the parish. Further discussion will take place regarding this campaign.
    • DC Alex Wilson reported that the Uplands Committee will be undertaking a site visit regarding the planning application at 7 Cleveley Road. One of the issues is that the proposed houses are not in keeping with the area.
    • The Chair queried why the planning application of Springfield, Bicester Road, Enstone had been approved as the Parish Council had objected to this. DC Alex Wilson will investigate this.

    West Oxfordshire District Council:-

    • Litter Survey – This was completed and submitted to WODC. The main areas of concern were the A44, B4030 and B4022.
    • Settlement Sustainability Report – These reports will be completed at the Parish Council meeting to be held on 15th November.

    Oxfordshire County Council:-

    • TTRO (T9479) Enstone, Radford, unnamed road – This road will be closed from 6th December to 23rd December.
    • TTRO (T9260) Temporary Road Closure, Radford, road through Radford bridge – The revised dates for closure at 10th January to 14th January 2022.
    • TTRO (T9423) Temporary Road Closure, Enstone, Bicester Road – The dates for closure will be between 29th November and 28th January 2022.
    • TTRO (T9438) Temporary Footpath Closure – Enstone, Footpath The Drive – This takes place between 16th December and 17th March and the clerk will advertise this in the Ensign magazine.
    • Household Waste Recycling News – All the County’s Recycling Waste Centres are being deep cleaned during November.
    • OCC Cabinet’s priorities & Workshop – The clerk attended the online workshop regarding the County Council’s nine priorities and to ascertain which two priorities should take place first. Enstone Parish Council agreed that the two priorities should be addressing the climate emergency and to investe in an inclusive, integrated and sustainable transport network. The clerk will respond to OCC.


    • Traffic Calming:-
      • The school wig wag signs have now been installed.
      • The solar panel along the A44 will be installed on 24th November
      • Improved signage, Lidstone Road – information from CC Geoff Saul awaited
      • Speedwatch – Lidstone Road & Coxs Lane – the clerk will put an article into the Ensign magazine seeking volunteers to help with the speed watch campaigns.
      • Coxs Lane – It was agreed that a speed sign should be placed along Coxs Lane when funds permit.
        • Grass Cutting Contracts 2022 – After discussion, it was agreed that the clerk circulates letters for tender for the grass cutting contract 2022, without changes. However, this decision will be reviewed on an annual basis.
        • WIVTAG Briefing – Cllr. Glendinning was thanked for attending the latest meeting online with regards to HGVs travelling through Burford.
        • Community First Oxfordshire – AGM 1st November. The Parish Council will send its apologies.
        • Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill – It was unanimously agreed to support this private members’ bill – this would enshrine, in law, a commitment to deliver policy and action in line with the latest science. It is the only proposed legislation which addresses the interconnected crises in climate and nature, with annual legally binding targets. The clerk will also write to Robert Courts, MP, supporting this Bill.
        • Climate Change Working Group – After discussion, it was agreed that a further working party meeting takes place in November. The Parish Council can only achieve what is allowable as a local authority and cannot promote activism or be political with its decision- making.
        • Town & Country Planning Association – It was agreed not to subscribe to this Association.
        • OALC – September’s Update – The main topic is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which takes place from 2nd – 5th June 2022. After discussion, it was agreed that the clerk writes an article in the Ensign magazine, inviting organisations to help organize an event with the Parish Council, to take place during this weekend. Organisations could include the Enstone Show, Horticultural Society, Enstone School, St. Kenelm’s Church, Women’s Institute, Parish Hall Management Committee, Brownies & Cubs etc. Cllr. Ward will contact Enstone Sports & Social Club with regards to the use of the field for this event.
  9. Planning Applications:-
    • 14 The Spinneys, Enstone, 21/03211/HHD – Erection of first floor extension over existing garage and provision of external staircase – No objection
    • Forge Cottage, Church Enstone, 21/03182/HHD – Erection of single & two storey extensions. Alterations to include the construction of two rear dormers and conversion of garage to games room with first floor above. No objection

      Decisions Received:-

    • Springfield, Bicester Road, Enstone 21/03162/NMA – Separation of annexe from dwelling to form a separate self-contained dwelling, erection of car port with ancillary accommodation & associated landscaping alterations – Approved
  10. Finance:-
    1. To agree the following accounts for payment – Santander Account (normal parish account):-
      • Mrs Beth Sinclair £851.54
      • NEST Pension Scheme (er) £26.30
      • NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £35.06
      • OCC, Pulsa FAL units, wig wag signs £2,160.00
      • Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £156.00
      • Complete Weed Control £612.00
      • WODC, loan £573.61
      • Parish Hall, rent £81.00
      • McAfee, subscription £89.00
    2. Received:-
      • Enstone Sports Club, rent £500.00
    3. OALC Training – Budget Setting – Cllrs. Knott & Glendinning and the clerk attended the recent online training on budget setting. DC Alex Wilson will circulate information on how the Council Tax Base is calculated at District level.
    4. Statement of Affairs to 30.9.2021 – The clerk had circulated the Statement of Affairs and accounts up to 30.9.2021 to all members prior to the meeting. The Statement of Affairs was unanimously approved as a correct record and the clerk was thanked for her hard work with this.
    5. OALC – Training Events – the clerk reminded members of the Planning Training on 1st November and Roles & Responsibilities on 25th November.
  11. Dates of Next Meetings in Enstone Parish Hall at 7.15 pm:–
  • Thursday 18th November
  • Thursday 25th November
  • Thursday 16th December

Cllr. Knott thanked everyone for attending and the meeting finished at 8.50 pm