2021 November Finance Minutes

EPC Financial Reports Uploaded on November 25, 2021

Click here for pdf – 2021 November Finance Minutes


E N S T O N E   P A R I S H    C O U N C I L

A meeting of the Council was held on:-

Thursday 18th November 2021 at 6.45 pm in Enstone Parish Hall

PRESENT: Parish Councillors N. Knott (Chair), C. Glendinning, P. Shaw, D. Robottom, P. Johnson, A. Ward and R. Parker

APOLOGIES Cllrs. A. Lee & T. Gilbert

IN ATTENDANCE Mrs. B. Sinclair (clerk); Mr. Ian York, Associate Director, Lichfields; Mr. Mat Finch – Commercial and Marketing Director, Warner Leisure Hotels; Mr. Stuart Billington – Head of Property and Capital Investment, Warner Leisure Hotels and Mr. Jeremy Sayer – Director, PWP Architects.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence had been received by Cllrs. Lee and Gilbert who were both working away from the area.
  1. WODC, Planning Services – Parish Survey 2021
  • Members of the Parish Council completed the Parish Survey forms and the clerk will return these to WODC.
  1. Presentation from Mr Ian York regarding Heythrop Park:-
  • Mr. York and his three colleagues were welcomed to the meeting.   An hour’s presentation was given regarding the upcoming planning applications at Heythrop Park.  These will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on Thursday 25th November.
  1. Review of Minutes from Finance Meeting held on Monday 16th November 2020:-
  • The minutes, having previously been circulated, were signed by Cllr. Knott.
  • The Planks – Oxfordshire County Council has recently completed the works and the agreed contribution of £5,000.00 will be transferred to OCC.
  • Gagingwell – Speed Indicator Devices – The two speed indicator devices have now been installed.
  • Traffic Calming – An online questionnaire to all residents was circulated in December 2020 asking how the £15,000.00 allocated towards traffic calming should be used.   This questionnaire had proved most useful and, as a result, traffic calming measures have been put in place during 2021.
  1. Draft Budget 2022/2021:-
  • This had been circulated to all members prior to the meeting.  Cllr. Knott thanked Cllr. Glendinning and the clerk for their work involved with the draft budget.  Following the recent training at the OALC on budgets, the layout was updated and clearly presented:-

After discussion the following were agreed:-

  1. The draft precept for 2022/2023 is calculated to be £37,185.00 = £4,000.00 increase from 2021/2022.
  2. It was agreed that the precept should remain the same as 2021/2022.  
  3. The 2022/2023 includes monies towards the renewed lease for the Sports Club (£2,500.) and events to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (£1,000) which take place in June 2022.
  4. A budget of £500.00 towards Christmas celebrations was also agreed.
  5. It was agreed to ask the Parochial Church Council and Parish Hall Management Committee £250.00 each towards grass cutting.  Cllr. Parker did not agree with this decision as he felt that the contributions should be higher.
  6. Updated Budget – The clerk will present the final precept calculation and 2022/2023 budget at November’s Parish Council Meeting.

Grass Cutting Contracts 2022

  • The clerk had circulated two tenders that had been received from WODC and Thomas Fox Landscaping.   It was unanimously agreed to offer the contract to Thomas Fox who provide an excellent service and its quote was lower than WODC.  The clerk will contact WODC and Thomas Fox.   Noted.
  1. Enstone Parish Hall Account as at 30.9.2020
  • The balance is £14,215.90.  The clerk queried whether these monies could now be transferred to the Enstone Parish Hall Management Committee (EPHC).   After discussion, the clerk will seek advice from the OALC regarding this and Cllr. Johnson will discuss this at the next EPHMC meeting.  
  1. S106 Monies

Following the recent seminar organised by WODC regarding S106 monies, the Parish Council will apply for S106 monies, as Planning Developments arise.  These will be for the installation of pavements along  Coxs  Lane, as this was requested by many residents on the Parish Questionnaire.   In addition, Warner Leisure Ltd. will be approached regarding the construction of a pavement at Clay Hill Close (circa £46K), also requested by residents on the Parish Questionnaire.

  1. Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 25TH November 2021 at 7.15 pm 

The Chair thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.