2021 December Minutes

EPC Minutes Uploaded on January 13, 2022
DRAFT MINUTES – 2021 December Minutes
E N S T O N E   P A R I S H    C O U N C I L
Held in the Main Hall at Enstone Parish Hall on
Thursday 6th January 2022 (meeting postponed from 16th December 2021)
PRESENT: Parish Councillors N. Knott (Chair), C. Glendinning, A. Ward, P. Johnson, D. Robottom, A. Lee, T. Gilbert, R. Parker and CC Geoff Saul.  Cllr. Philip Shaw attended via zoom – he was allowed to speak but not vote.
APOLOGIES: Cllr. T. McMillan
IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs. Beth Sinclair – Parish Clerk
126. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & MEMBERS’ REGISTER OF INTERESTS – Cllr. T. Gilbert declared an interest in item 11 (Planning Applications) – Enstone Airfield North.
The minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on 25th November, having previously been circulated, were read, approved, and signed by Cllr. Knott.
Cleaning graffiti – Cllr. Ward agreed to investigate this further
Repair to benches – ongoing
Verges A44 – Posters will be placed on the cars this week
PCSOs Chipping Norton – A further response from Thames Valley Police confirmed that an additional car will not be provided for the PCSOs at Chipping Norton.
Defibrillator – The clerk will pass on information of an electrician regarding the defibrillator light.
Caravans, Green Lane – Cllr. Knott had liaised with the PCSO team at Chipping Norton who had undertaken a site visit and confirmed that the caravans are situated on Highways Lane – CC Geoff Saul will take proceed further with this.  The landowner had recently given two weeks’ notice to the people in the caravans to leave the area but this has not happened.  The site is now very messy, as is The Green Lane with their rubbish.
S106 monies recreation – ongoing (DC Andrew Beaney)
Remembrance Sunday – wreath – ongoing
Baby Group – ongoing
PC T. McMillan – PC McMillan had sent an email explaining that she had recently moved out of the area and was, therefore, unable to continue her role as Parish Cllr.  The clerk will check with OALC regarding re-advertising and Co-opting this position.
Enstone Playing Field – new equipment – Cllr. Knott commented on how the much improved play equipment and wished to thank all members of the EFPA on organising this.  The clerk will email the treasurer and also put an article in the Ensign magazine.
Burford Lorry Restriction being discontinued – Cllr. Knott noted that a recent news item confirmed that the restrictions on HGVs passing through Burford was to be discontinued.   A County wide plan is being implemented over the next two years.
Speedwatch Campaign – Cllr. Glendinning explained that the new system required residents and PC members to view six 2 minute videos and answer questions, before being eligible to take part in speed watch events. The Parish Council is rather despondent that insufficient residents are able to help and the clerk will put another plea into the Ensign magazine explaining that the Speed Watch Campaign will have to cease unless there are sufficient volunteers.  Evidence is required for the 20s Plenty Campaign.
Transfer of remaining monies from The Parish Council’s Parish Hall Account to The Parish Hall Management Committee.  Following the financial meeting in November, the clerk had contacted the OALC for advice.  The legal advisor at OALC confirms that the monies can be transferred to the PHMC but can only be used for the purposes of refurbishment or fitting out of the hall and cannot be used for general maintenance.  Following discussion, four PCs voted in favour of this, PCs Lee & Johnson were unable to vote as they are both members of the PHMC and PCs Gilbert & Parker voted against the proposal.  The reason they voted against is that it was felt these monies should be used as an emergency contingency fund but the clerk explained that this was not allowed.   The clerk will compile a cheque totalling £14,215.90 at the meeting on 27th January.
CC Geoff Saul explained that the Local Transport & Connectivity Plan is out for consultation (deadline 16th March 2022).  The aim is to have a zero carbon Oxfordshire transport system and to reduce the need to travel. Cllr. Ward queried whether the OCC is responsible for all bus routes as many bus services have been cut in recent years? CC Geoff Saul explained that the OCC cut all bus subsidies in 2016 and since Covid 19, there is less use on the buses.  Cllr. Parker commented that, in fact, there are too many buses in Oxford City and many buses appear to be empty.  There is a need for further buses in rural locations and this would be more appropriate than encouraging further cycle routes.  The clerk explained that this item is already on the agenda for the 27th January and CC Geoff Saul advised the Council to read through the policy segments before this meeting.
OCC’s Budget Consultation ended on 5th January – it was noted that 53 % of the budget is for adult and children’s social care and that the budget for Highways’ work is 8 %.  The budget includes an increase of youth workers across the County, particularly in rural areas.
Quarry Farm & Enstone Airfield –
Cllr. Knott reported that lorries, bull dozers and cranes continue to attend the site daily on the Historic Park Land at Great Tew.
However, CC Geoff Saul explained that OCC is reluctant to take any enforcement action.
Cllr. Shaw raised concerns regarding the Transport Planning Document by Mode, in connection with The Green Lane, in which it is dismissive regarding the provision for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians (NMUs).  The recommendation had been raised by Mr Paul Harris from Oxfordshire County Council, in response to the proposal that “given that this minerals and waste application will increase HGV and contractor vehicle access along this highway, it seems reasonable that this parallel bridleway creation should be brought forward as a necessary condition to any permission, in order to ensure safety of NMUs and adequate separation.”  It is stated in the Mode report that “it would be unsafe to encourage pedestrian activity” and that “there are bridleways in the wider area which would be [more] suitable for equestrian activity” – This seems to be a flippant response to the concerns raised.
CC Saul will read through the Road Transport Plan and then discuss the way forward.
133.        CORRESPONDENCE:-
West Oxfordshire District Council:-
Shining the sportlight on rural domestic abuse – This campaign took lace between 25th November and 10th December 2021.   Noted
Oxfordshire County Council:-
Quarry Farm – as above
Budget Consultation – As above.  The clerk will put the information into Ensign.
Position of Solar Panel A44 – Cllr. Glendinning updated the Council regarding the incorrect positioning of the solar panel which occurred following miscommunication between the third parties.  CC Geoff Saul will investigate this further. The Parish Council thanked Cllr. Glendinning for all her hard work with this and that she was in no way responsible for this error.  The Parish Council is in full support that OCC pays for its mistake.
Evenlode Catchment Partnership Survey – This survey relates to the Evenlode river and local water environment.  The aim is to improve river water quality, enhance wildlife, improve flood management and to build greater community engagement with the river and its tributaries.  It was agreed that PCs undertake the survey individually.
CPRE (Campaign to protect our rural county) – The CPRE had issued a Flooding & Pollution Report – a survey of Oxfordshire’s Town & Parish Councils 2021.  Noted.
OALC – Training of Experience Clerks – the clerk expressed a wish to attend this training event on 18th January and this was agreed.
OALC – November’s Update – This had been circulated to all members.   Noted.
Cllr. Andrew Lee – Following advice from the OALC, it was resolved that the Parish Council gives approval to Cllr. Lee for leave of absence.   Cllr. Lee explained that he would now be able to attend meetings more regularly.
Meeting Dates 2022 – These were circulated to all members.  It was agreed that the Litchfield Room is currently unsuitable for PC meetings due to the Covid restrictions, and the clerk will check whether St. Kenelm’s Church is available for January and February’s meeting as the main hall is already booked.  April’s meeting may have to be rearranged and this will be discussed nearer the time.
134. Planning Applications:-
Enstone Airfield North, Banbury Road, 21/03722/FUL – Erection of a detached building to provide administration, welfare and storage facilities for aircraft maintenance business, flying school and resident pilots (Cllr. Gilbert left the room for this item).
Following discussion, the following was noted and agreed:-
Three Parish Councillors voted in favour of the application.
Two Parish Councillors voted against the application.
Two Parish Councillors abstained.
One Parish Councillor presented views against the application but was not allowed to vote as he joined the meeting via zoom. Current legislation means that he was unable to vote unless he was in person in the room.
One Parish Councillor declared an interest in the application and left the room during the discussion.
One Parish Councillor had sent apologies as was unable to attend the meeting.
1.  No residents attended the meeting to discuss this planning application, but it was noted that there were 17 letters of objection on the planning portal.
2.  It is recommended that WODC undertakes a site visit to establish how the electricity will be supplied via solar panels, to ensure the site is environmentally sustainable.
3.  That the planning officers consider the environmental impact of the planning application.
4.  That the planning officers consider the visual impact of the proposed building.
5.  To ensure that the proposed building is not used for overnight accommodation.
6.  Enstone Parish Council requests a meeting with WODC, the regulators of the Airfield, to consider legal conditions as part of the application, should it be approved, regarding flying activities.
The following correspondence has been received from Kim Smith, Enforcement Officer at WODC:-
It is claimed that the run of seven hangars is lawful.
In terms of the alleged breach of flying hours, there is no ‘material’ evidence that the planning condition that relates to aircraft movements across the airfield is being breached.  The condition allows for up to 200 movements per day with no more than 40 of the movements taking place in any one hour.  Officers, when visiting the airfield for various reasons, monitor aircraft movements.  During the last visit, Officers noted that within a one and a half hour period whilst on site, there were two movements, one take off and one landing.  At an earlier date in October 2021 when on site for approximately fifty minutes, one movement was noted.
It was agreed to put this information into the Ensign magazine.
Dorden Cottage, Lidstone, 21/03777/HHD – Erection of a replacement porch – No objection
Decisions Received:-
14 The Spinneys, Enstone – Erection of first floor extension over existing garage and provision of external staircase – Approved
Southcombe Farm, Oxford Rd – Rear two storey extension with internal alterations – Approved
Land East of The Drive, Enstone – Construction of two detached self-build custom-build carbon-neutral houses, together with associated works & formation of vehicular access – Withdrawn.
7 Cleveley Road, Enstone – Outline planning application for the erection of 4 dwellings, closure of existing access, and creation of separate access for No. 7 Cleveley Road & new access for the proposed dwellings, with parking layout and landscaping scheme (with some matters reserved) (Amended Plans) – Withdrawn
135. Finance:-
a) To agree the following accounts for payment – Santander Account (normal parish account):-
Mrs Beth Sinclair £919.55
NEST Pension Scheme (er) £26.30
NEST Pension Scheme (ee) £35.06
Honorarium, webmaster £250.00
Thomas Fox, Parish Hall £156.00
TWM Traffic Control £210.00
Volunteer Link Up, donation £50.00
136. Dates of Next Meetings in St. Kenelm’s Church, Church Enstone at  7.15 pm:–
Thursday 27th January
Thursday 24th February
Cllr. Knott thanked everyone for attending and the meeting finished at 9.10 pm