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Enstone History Society

Enstone History Society runs a series of events throughout the year. Currently, the membership stands at around 65 but new members are always welcome. The annual subscription is £15.00 per person. Please contact either John Pritchard or Julia Boardman if you would like to join. There are six committee members who run the society.

Committee Members:

  • John Pritchard – 01608 678175 – email: Chairman
  • Anne Francis – 01608 678820 – email: Secretary
  • Julia Boardman – 01608 677627 – email: Treasurer
  • Carol Geare – Newsletter Editor
  • Brian Pennington
  • Pam Foxhall

For the History Society Newsletter click here: EHS Nov Dec 2021-1

Click here for a link to The Oxfordshire Local History Association (OHLA)

Programme for 2022:

Next year’s programme is being worked on and will be circulated soon. However, you may wish to earmark Tuesday, 11th January 2022 when we plan to have our Christmas Party in the Church


As you will all appreciate, there is not a great deal to report this year!

All our 2020 talks and other events had to be cancelled, because of the Pandemic, with the exception of the talk in February. This was presented by Michael Lowe, from Wootton, who talked about the history of the lute. He put the instrument into a social context by reviewing its development from 1620 to the mid eighteenth century. However, in January, the postponed 2019 Christmas Party also took place and was attended by around forty members and their guests.

This year, the Committee has decided to suspend subscriptions to the Society even though it is hoped that we may be able to hold some of our scheduled events later in 2021.                                                                                                                             

The Society’s financial position remains strong. A summary of the 2020 accounts is as follows:                                                                                                                        

Income:                                                       £699                                                     

Expenditure:                                               £322                                            

Profit:                                                           £377

Cash at bank + petty cash:                       £2005  (£1628 in 2019)

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all members of the Committee for continuing to run the Society albeit at a reduced level this year.  Thanks are due to Julia Boardman, our Treasurer, who manages the finances for the Society and is also Membership Secretary and to Anne Francis, our Secretary who manages our administration. Carol Geare is our Editor and produces our Newsletter. Her contribution is much appreciated. Brian Pennington also deserves our thanks for setting up the bar and organising the sandwiches for our meeting this year in addition to arranging the seating. Pam Foxhall continued to provide support for which I thank her. 

We hope that we may be able to run a reduced programme of events later in 2021 – details of which have already been circulated. You will continue to receive updates on our revised plans but as already indicated, the talk in February has been cancelled and it is with regret that the Committee has decided to cancel the talk in March.  I am afraid that it seems likely that the April and May talks will also have to be cancelled but you will, of course, be kept informed.

We trust that you will keep safe and well in 2021 and we look forward to your continued support of the Society.

January 2021

John Pritchard


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