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Enstone History Society

Enstone History Society runs a series of events throughout the year. Currently, the membership stands at around 65 but new members are always welcome. The annual subscription is £15.00 per person. Please contact either John Pritchard or Julia Boardman if you would like to join. There are six committee members who run the society.

Committee Members:

  • John Pritchard – 01608 678175 – email: Chairman
  • Anne Francis – 01608 678820 – email: Secretary
  • Julia Boardman – 01608 677627 – email: Treasurer
  • Carol Geare – Newsletter Editor
  • Brian Pennington
  • Pam Foxhall

For the History Society Newsletter click here: EHS Newsletter April 2022

Click here for a link to The Oxfordshire Local History Association (OHLA)

Programme for 2023:

  • 5th January: Christmas party at The Manor House, Church Enstone.
  • 15th March: The Mau Mau – Recollections and Reflections on Imperialism: Anthony Benn.
  • 5th April: After the Gold Rush – a Californian gold-mining adventure: Jeremy Burton.
  • 17th May: Medieval Coronations: Nicola Coldstream.
  • 14th June: The History Society’s Antiques Show (details to be advised)
  • 17th July: Traditional picnic at St. Kenelm’s church.
  • 14th September: Church visit – venue to be advised: Nicola Coldstream.
  • October: Speakers from Gagingwell, Radford and Enstone will speak about items of interest in their local areas (date and details to be advised).
  • 15th November: Manors and Communities from the Middle Ages to the Present Day:Anthony Gross.

Programme for 2022:

  • February 8: ‘From Slump to Security’  by member Dr Elizabeth Birchall, at St Kenelm’s Church at 6.30 for 7.00pm.
  • March 9: Virginia Bainbridge; The Nuns of Syon Abbey before and after the Reformation
  • April date tbc: Carol Hardy, The Impact of World Wars 1 and 2 on Waddesdon Manor
  • May 11: Jo Willett on her book The Life of Mary Wortley Montagu
  • June: event tbc
  • Sunday July 17: Annual St Kenelm’s evening picnic in the churchyard September; local church visit guided by Nicola Coldstream
  • October: Hannah Bourne-Taylor; date and subject to be confirmed
  • November 16: Ffiona Perigrinor; Troubadours and Courtly Love.
  • November 30: Gerry Skinner; presents second talk on the situation in Ukraine

Subscriptions were not collected for last year in view of lockdown but they are due again this January and are held at the previous rate of £15 per person. The treasurer would be grateful if members could pay by Bacs or give money or cheque to a member of the committee as soon as possible. For those paying by Bacs, details of our new bank account are: account Enstone History Society, sort code 20-03-84; account number 23443361

Review of 2021

As you will all appreciate, there is not a great deal to report this year!

Most of our 2021 talks and other events had to be cancelled, because of the Pandemic, with the exception of two talks – one in October by ffiona Perigrinor  and one in November by Caroline Barron. Reviews of both these talks were presented in the Society’s Newsletters. However, the picnic in July did go ahead in the churchyard of St. Kenelm’s church. 

The Committee decided to suspend subscriptions to the Society in 2021 even though we managed to provide a limited programme. However, subscriptions will be reintroduced for 2022 when we hope to hold a full programme of events.                                                                                                                  

The Society’s financial position remains strong. A summary of the 2021 accounts is as follows:                                                                                                                        

Income:                                                       £85                                                     

Expenditure:                                              £314                                            

Profit (loss)                                                 £229              

Cash at bank + petty cash                       £1776    (£2005 in 2020)

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all members of the Committee for continuing to run the Society albeit at a reduced level this year.  Thanks are due to Julia Boardman, our Treasurer, who manages the finances for the Society and is also Membership Secretary. Particular thanks are due to her this year for overseeing the transfer of the Society’s bank account from HSBC to Barclays. She spent many hours on the phone to HSBC whose competence and cooperation were sadly lacking. Thanks also to Anne Francis, our Secretary who manages our administration and to Carol Geare who is our Editor and produces our Newsletter. Both their contributions are much appreciated. Brian Pennington also deserves our thanks for setting up the bar and organising the sandwiches for our meetings this year in addition to arranging the seating. Pam Foxhall continued to provide support for which I thank her. 

As already indicated, we hope to run a full programme of events in 2022 – details of which have already been circulated. You will, however, continue to receive updates on any changes to our plans which may have to be altered in the light of Government advice. 

We trust that you will keep safe and well in 2022 and we look forward to your continued support of the Society.

John Pritchard, Chairman

January 2022

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