Enstone Garden Club

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Enstone Garden Club (the new name for Enstone Horticultural Society)

Spring Flower Show Click here for pdf version

April 15th 2023   2-4 p.m.   Enstone Parish Hall.


Entry is free and is open to all

Cut flowers only, except where stated.


Class               Description

  • 1.      Trumpet Daffodils    3 blooms     1 variety
  • 2.      Large cup                   3 blooms     1 variety
  • 3.      Small cup                   3 blooms     1 variety
  • 4.      Double flowered       3 blooms     1 variety
  • 5.      Multi-headed            3 blooms     1 variety
  • 6.      Miniature                  3 blooms     1 variety
  • 7.      Different varieties    5 blooms


Class               Description

  • 8.       Darwin type                 3 blooms     1 variety
  • 9.       Parrot type                   3 blooms     1 variety
  • 10.     Different varieties      3 blooms     3 varieties
  • 11.      Other types (eg Lily-flowered, Kaufmanniana, miniature, double headed etc)   3 blooms    1 variety


Class               Description

  • 12.     Muscari          6 stems
  • 13.     Hyacinth        1 stem
  • 14.     Fritillaries     4 stems (1 or more varieties)
  • 15.     Alliums          3 stems
  • 16.     Any other bulbs      3 stems
  • 17.     Aquilegia                  3 stems
  • 18.     Clematis                   1 specimen with stalk,
  • 18.     Clematis                   3 flower heads floating in a saucer
  • 19.     Hellebores               3 heads floating on a saucer
  • 20.     Iris                            3 stems
  • 21.     Pansies                     6 flowers of one or mixed colours
  • 22.     Polyanthus              3 stems,       1 or more varieties
  • 23.     Wallflowers             3 spikes        1 or more varieties
  • 24.     Flowering Shrub     1 stem max 18”
  • 25.     “What is best in my garden today”      3 stems, one or more varieties
  • 26.     Bowl of flowering bulbs
  • 27.     Bunch of spring flowers.
  • 28.     A potted flowering plant

Exhibits to be staged between 10:15 and 12:00 on Saturday April 15th in the Parish Hall.

Registration of entries will commence at 10.00 a.m.Entry is free and is open to all.

No exhibitor may enter more than one exhibit in any one class.

Exhibitors must provide their own vases, dishes etc., at their own risk.

Entries must be grown by the exhibitor.

Judging will take place from 12:15.  The Judge’s decision is final.

Any queries please ring: 01608 677074 Entries to be removed by 4:30 p.m.

You may renew your membership at any time during the show. Membership fee £10.00 individual £15 Joint. Remember members get valuable discounts from local garden centres.

Enstone Garden Club (formerly Enstone Horticultural Society)

The Enstone Garden Club is open to everyone in the community who shares an interest in gardens and gardening. At the January 2023 Annual General Meeting the membership agreed a resolution to change the organisation’s name from the Enstone Horticultural Society to The Enstone Garden Club.

We have a lively programme and welcome new members. During the year we organise  local events, including horticultural and flower shows, talks by gardening experts and visits to gardens in the area and other events. With our membership card, you are also able to obtain discounts from Applegarth, Yarnton and Charlbury Garden Centres. Members can also benefit from discounts on seed and flower bulb orders.

Membership information is given below.

Programme of Events in 2023

18 February Snowdrop garden visit, Hordley House Wooton 

3 April Talk on ‘ Ponds and Water in the Garden’, 7.30 Parish Hall. Everyone welcome to this talk by local gardening expert Kari Beardsall.

15 April Spring Flower Show, in the Parish Hall. Open to all. Exhibits to be staged between 10.15 and 12.00. The show will be open to the public from 2.00 – 4.00. The show schedule may be found here 

13 May Plant Sale, 10.00 at the Parish Hall (all contributions welcome)

21 May Visit to Bletchingdon gardens, 3.00 

27 June Garden Visit to Broughton Grange (near Banbury)

July (date TBC)  Radford Open Gardens

June– July           Garden Competition  ‘Best use of a water feature in the garden’

19 Aug                 Enstone Village Show

Nov Date TBC      Annual Quiz Night

For more information on the events please return to this web page, catch up with announcements in The Ensign, or contact the Secretary on 07771 594927 or email

Membership renewals for 2023. Membership renewals are now due and new members for 2023 are welcomed. Please email or contact any committee member.

The annual subscription is unchanged at £10.00 for single membership, £15.00 for joint membership.

Members are able to benefit from substantial discounts at local garden centres and from other suppliers, including seed merchants, on gardening gloves etc.