Council Meetings

Meetings are held every month, historically in the Parish Hall but due to the Covid 19 pandemic they have lately been held remotely by Zoom.

Normally held on a Thursday at 7.15pm, here are the planned meeting dates for 2020:

  • Thursday 23rd January
  • Thursday 24th February
  • Thursday 19th March – Emergency Meeting
  • Thursday 26th March
  • Thursday 30th April
  • Thursday 14th May – Annual Parish Meeting (Cancelled)
  • Thursday 21st May – 7.00pm Annual Council Meeting (Cancelled)
  • Thursday 25th June
  • Thursday 30th July
  • Thursday 27th August
  • Thursday 24th September
  • Thursday 29th October
  • Thursday 16th November – Finance Meeting
  • Thursday 26th November
  • Thursday 17th December